Corrupted files

Hello everyone,

I am deeply disappointed and angry, I need help or advice, Steinberg is not responding.

For some time now, I have been experiencing a very serious problem with Cubase 12, an issue that did not occur with previous versions. This situation is causing me a significant loss of time and money. We are a professional studio, loyal clients for many years, and this situation cannot continue.

Many of the projects we work on are corrupted upon reopening. Please do not blame third-party plugins, as that would still be unacceptable. We have just lost a very important job, a soundtrack, and now we are forced to assess how to proceed. We need an immediate solution, especially since the client is extremely dissatisfied and the consequences could be severe for us.

I await your prompt response.



What is the size of the projects, please?

I’m sorry to hear about your issues. It must truly be both frustrating and maddening.

What is the indication that corruption is the fault of Cubase?
I’m not trying to be cheeky. I have been using Cubase 12 for about 2 years and have not experienced project corruptions. I’m assuming most have not. Therefor it seems plausible that the projects become corrupted by other means. So do you have any indication that this is not happening due to a faulty drive e.g.?

@Martin.Jirsak Good question!

some less then 2 giga.

The SSD drive works perfectly fine. These are random errors that occur occasionally when I try to reload the project. It just tells me it’s no longer valid and that’s it.


This is probably the issue. This is not common project’s size. Some plug-in (sorry to talking about the 3rd party, but it is as it is) might be fault and it might store some data to the project, which suppose not to be stored there. At least, this is mostly the reason of such a large projects.

And there is projec’s size limit for Cubase/Nuendo. I think, it’s around 2GB, now.