Corrupted Halion Program? (solved)

I’m a long time Halion user and big fan, but I’ve just run into a problem and wanted to throw it out here in case anyone has any ideas. I’m developing a pretty large instrument for a library - it has almost 2,000 samples in it already. Almost the entire thing was mapped and effects and a macro were in place. While I was working on it on Friday, I saved often and wound up with a file I had saved at 7pm, another that I saved at 10 and a multi that I saved at around the same time when I quit H6. The next morning, I tried to load the latest version of the program and it crashed Halion - as in, Halion immediately disappeared without warning, a dialog or anything else. OK, not good, but I went back to the 7pm save and it also immediately crashed Halion. The Multi also does the same thing. All other programs still load fine. There’s no way that three separate saves are all corrupt from disk drive problems, but it’s clear that they’re all corrupt somehow. At this point, three days of work is completely gone because I don’t have saves from previous days. But, I did so much work on Friday, a backup from a previous day would still mean a lot of lost work. I’ve never encountered anything like this before in Halion, so having three different versions seemed pretty safe.

I was using the version of H6 previous to 6.1.10 on Friday, but I updated yesterday to see if that would solve the problem. Unfortunately, it didn’t. I can’t think of anything odd that I did. I have another program for a similar instrument that’s virtually identical except for the samples themselves and it works fine. At this point, I’m not sure what to do. I could rebuild the whole thing (but don’t want to!), but there’s no guarantee it won’t do the same thing. Plus, how would I test it? I saved all day long and everything appeared fine. There was nothing unusual about the way H6 was working that day. But, the moment I try to load any of the three files, H6 immediately crashes. So, there’s no way to make sure it’s working without destroying what’s already done, unless I also have H6 up on another computer and check it there. I also put H6 into Logic and tried to open one of these programs and it crashed Logic too.

Does anyone else out there have any idea what could have happened? I have to admit, it’s shaken my confidence in this program. I’ve tried moving the samples and macro to see if the program would load and ask for them, but it never gets that far. I’ve tried on two different macs, one on OS El Capitan and the other on OS Sierra and the result is the same.

This is the first time I’ve heard of this happening, but this sounds pretty serious. I’ll move this to the Issues forum in case someone from the Halion team has the time to look into this.

It might be a good idea to upload the broken Program and any related files to a file hosting site such as Dropbox, so you already have the link ready if someone needs the files for debugging.

Thanks Romantique Tp. I’m working on this instrument for Yamaha and they got the files to the Halion team. So, it appears that it was a bug with the user velocity curve that I had made for my program. I actually was a little suspicious about that, but I tested it on other programs and it didn’t fail again. But, that may be because the problem has apparently been fixed in version 6.1.10 and I had already updated to that version before testing. So, everyone should update to 6.1.10 and they shouldn’t encounter this problem. In the meantime, the Halion team was able to recover my file and I’m back to work. Excellent! Thanks again!