Corrupted Hard Drive, Help re-downloading


I have recently had to take in my laptop to get my hard drive fixed. It turns out, it was corrupted/not working anymore, so I had to replace it with a new SSD. I lost all of my files (which I’m not too upset about) but what I need help with is downloading Dorico 4 again. I purchased it in May of this year, and I was able to correctly download and run it back then, before my hard drive corrupted. Now, I can’t seem to find the download/product activiation things. I assume this is because the product code probably only works for one device… Do I need to buy it again, or is there a way to switch over the product to this new drive?

Any help would be appreciated.

I would access my Steinberg account and download everything again from scratch. No need to re-purchase. You can activate on multiple machines.

Hi @Renritxsu, Janus is right. Simply download and install everything again, launch Dorico and the Activation Manager will also start and ask for registration. Simply enter your MySteinberg credentials and activate Dorico again. You can also free up the old registration against the old hard drive.

Sorry @Ulf: this is exactly what I missed! From MySteinberg or from SAM? I couldn’t see how. I imagined a Support call was needed… I also had to change my HD with a SSD, and my licenses were not recognized. I couldn’t free up my previous registration; luckily my HD was still working, thus reconnecting it and deactivating, everything was solved. I just would like to know how to do if the previous machine/HD were unusable…

Thanks and forgive my intrusion!

That’s remarkably stoic of you, but if you plan to keep any work you’ve done in the future, then maintaining backup copies on a separate device is essential.

SSDs are more reliable than mechanical hard drives, but they can still fail, and they often do so totally and without warning; and recovery is much more difficult, if not impossible.

“Files without a backup are waiting to be lost.”

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From MySteinberg or from SAM? I couldn’t see how. I imagined a Support call was needed…

For the time being, you do indeed need to contact our support team if you need to deactivate a license on a computer to which you no longer have access. But if you still have access to your old computer, you can run Steinberg Activation Manager and deactivate from there.

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Thank you Daniel! :heart: Ulf’s sentence awakened my doubts :wink:

That’s exactly what I did :slight_smile:

Means that hope never dies! :smiley:

I apologize for my misconception and the confusion it caused.

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Ulf, please don’t say so! Your note has been the opportunity to clarify my old doubt! Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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Ah yes I figured it out. It’s good that you can re-download on multiple machines. I think it’s fine now. Thank you for the help

I’ll need to look into it. Luckily, I did backup (or at least save the score) of my major piece that I’ve been working on. Just need to import it. Thanks!