Corrupted icons when loading HALion Sonic SE [solved]

What’s up with this?
Just a few of all the libraries have icons in HALion Sonic SE and those which have are the wrong height so they’re too small.
So I can’t see what to load !!!
I noticed once last week so it’s not a Cubase 11 problem.
I determined it would go away but it persists.
I tried to reinstall HSSE but it didn’t help.
Is there some preference file you can delete for this or some way to reset the plugin?

BTW same same for both HALion Sonic and HSSE … and HALion 6 apparently! :unamused:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn, what do you know! :blush: :mrgreen:
I updated HALion 6 / HALion Sonic 3 and now all three works.
So that’s the remedy if anyone else is searching the forum.