Corrupted playing technique text?

Today I was inputting an old brass trio of mine into Dorico, and ran across an interesting problem. If I click in the trumpet part of bar 29 in the attached score (letter B, page 3), Dorico will crash immediately, every time. Not if I click on a note or rest or the “open” technique above, just within an empty part of the staff.

As far as I can tell, this doesn’t happen anywhere else in the score. Just now I deleted all four playing techniques (two straight mute, two open) and the program did not crash upon clicking in that bar. But when I put them back in, the program crashed again, clicking in the trumpet part of bar 29.

Then, I tried putting the “open” technique text above the trumpet’s next entrance in bar 30. Now it doesn’t crash. Maybe the crash is because Dorico was expecting the “open” technique to refer to something within the bar?

Also, playback stopped working with this file, although for some reason it worked again for a little while, then was gone again; but when I deleted all the playing techniques, playback returned again.

It just seems odd enough that the Dorico team may be interested. Thanks!
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A similar case was mentioned recently, so I think they are aware of this…

This problem should be resolved in the 1.0.30 update, just released today.