Corrupted Sound Banks?

Suddenly an error popped up.

Vst Sound Library not found at C:\Program Files\VST Sound[Steinberg\Cubase 10.5\FCP_SMT_001_Cubase.vst sound

When i locate the file it stills shows the error until i ignore it.

Do i need to redownload those packages? Please see attachments

ps. Is FCP_SMT_003_Cubase.vst sound missing???



I’m wondering, there is no the sound library name written. It’s just an empty string “”.

I would recommend to reinstall Cubase from the Full Installer.

Make sure you:

  • Download the Full Installer.
  • Unpack the ZIP file and install from the unzipped folder.
  • Install from the setup.exe.
  • Install as administrator.
  • Install to the system (C) drive.

I reinstalled Halion Sonic SE and that fixed the error.

But i still cant see FCP_SMT_003_Cubase.vst sound in there. Is there meant to be one? I can only see 001 to 009 except 003!