Corruption problem

I’ve been using Cubase 6 pretty solidly for about a year now - never had an issue.

However, about a month ago something weird started happening out of nowhere. I would go to record some guitar parts as usual, finish, then playback the clip I just recorded. Instead of hearing what I had just recorded, it would only produce a glitchy, white-noise type of sound, with little split-second pieces of my recording. It’s very strange, since the waveform shows up normally.
I tried exporting the weird-sounding clips and listening to them in a different program. They sounded fine, just as they should. It’s just in Cubase that this problem occurs, and it only seems to be with recorded parts. VST’s play just fine.
So, what do you think the deal is?

Are you using any plug-in on your guitar sound? What about your Buffer Size Settings? What about your ASIO load?

I’ve tried running the recorded pats through clean track - no effects or plugins. It still does it.

ASIO Buffer Size is and has always been at 512. There’s never been an issue with it handling a ton of tracks, so I don’t think it’s a capacity issue. Even if I delete all other track and leave just the recording, it still makes the horrible glitchy sounds.

What about your hard drive? Is this SSD or not? Can you check it works properly, test it, run defragmentation…?

You might wanna check the sample rate / bit depth you use for recorded audio in Cubase. Maybe it doesn’t match the settings of your audio interface, while the other program you check it with automatically adjusts.

I ran defragmentation and all that jazz. Didn’t do anything to help.
I also checked the bit depth and rate for both Cubase and my audio driver that I record with. Both are on the same page, that being 44.1kHz and 24 bit.

It would be nice to be able to record again. Like I said, there haven’t been any changes made to Cubase, so what it’s doing seems to be completely out of nowhere.

Can you upload the CPR and the corrupted file? It would be fine, if we can check it, and listen to it.