Cort 5 string fretless

Time will tell, but I think that I agree at least initially. My biggest challenge is going to be in getting the tone I want since I’ve never had to deal with active electronics on a bass especially those that have dedicated knobs to anything other than volume and tone.

Hey, Larry. Nice bass!

I think I’d rather spend $150 on that bass than a crusty piano :slight_smile: .

The controls are probably 3 band EQ (treble-mid-bass), volume, and your “slap” switch.

Does the body smell kind of funny? Like it isn’t made of real wood? :wink:

For what it’s worth, my active Ibanez bass has 3 knobs and a switch, they do:

Pickup balance
EQ boost
and the switch changes between passive, EQ1 and EQ2, which are different curves.

Congrats Larry :slight_smile:

The bass has one pickup and 4 knobs: volume, tone, and two knobs related to the active electronics.

I r teh confused.

Right then, lets hear it Larry! :sunglasses:

It looks like I might be wrong about the fake wood on that model.

But, I think I might be right about the electronics …

No, you are correct. I was just tooling around with it and found a notch in the center of the turn of what I thought was the tone knob. Now I’m guessing you are correct: it is low, mid, and hi-EQ for the pickup.

Sold the old bass for $50. I should have charged more. Apparently, a lot of people are looking for bodies to “host” the necks that they have. Still, that brings the effective cost of the Cort bass down to $110 which is a phenomenal deal. I’ve been practicing with it the past few days (using the title track from Dan’s Gaucho album primarily) and am loving the overall feel of it. Plus, I’m starting to get the hang of the EQ settings and the effect when I change them so that’s a plus.

Now I have a hammer. I just need a nail. :laughing:

I bought a VGS Cobra Select Satin Natural E-Bass a while back and must say I’m not all that impressed with active tone controls.

Are the pickups also make by Bartolini?

EMG as far as I can tell, but I believe they are an OEM version.