Cosmic Rain 3 tracks psytrance

Hi to all …and happy new year.
This is my first post here in forum
I like to share some of my recent works with some DAW but mastering & audio edit made with Wave Lab 6.All my music are related to Trance and Psy-Trance tunes take a hear in the following songs
Fell free to post comments ideas or criticism! :smiley: Thanks

It has a great sound, perfect for movie score. Nice stereo arrangement. Thanks for posting!

Welcome to the forum! I was pleasantly surprised to hear a pedal steel or slide at the end of that first track :sunglasses:

Very melodic and agreed sounds like epic soundtracks

Yeah, I like this - kept me interested throughout. Perhaps a few too many lead sounds showcased. I’d have kept a smaller suite of leads to bring the listeners back to familiar territory during the track.
Nice mix too
More like this please