Cosmic Rain "Blue" psychill new track


My last track “Blue” a Psychill Psydub tune pleasure for your ear and Mind.
Guitars Latin rhythm’s with Reggae touch and psychedelic sounds in one unique amalgam of sound! Enjoy it

Nice mix - spacey with good balance - interesting sounds which actually complemented each other - much better than the usual Made with Steinberg monotonous lift music.

Really good stereo imaging & mix. well crafted track. Could listen to a lot more of this. Didn’t feel like a PsyChill though. I didn’t chill out due to the frenetic tempo. Could be me though not understanding the genre fully.
Upload some more please

Hi Neil B .Well isn’t too much Chill out tune u have right. Runs at 135 Bpm … in comparison with Psychedelic Trance tunes runs from 140 tu 147bpm ,its a bit slow , Anyway its Just experimental thanks u find it interesting :slight_smile:

This is dope! Keep at it! It’s a trip trance track! LOL :smiley:

Heeey man! :slight_smile:
Really nice tune. I didn’t expect that because I’m bored of Psytrance scene.
Sound reminds me of Infected Mushroom. I miss that melodic (but not-disco) Psytrance.

Production is well done. Low end: I don’t know, my monitors (Equator D5) aren’t translate low/sub very well. But for me, it’s ok. I like warm bass!
Guitars are great addition.
Seriously there is not much to tell. Production is proper, track is not boring like typical modern Psytrance tunes.
Well Done :slight_smile: