Cosolidate slash

I’m very happy with Dorico. I make a lot of drum charts and I realize that to consolidate a slash region is not very good notation, but for drummers its very handy and easy to read when the song is quit simple. So my request is to make it possible somewhere in the future, like the multi bar rest and one bar repeat.

Greetings, Maarten

Thanks for your suggestion, Maarten. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this. Could you show an example? How are the bars numbered? What is the advantage of using slashes rather than a single bar repeat in this scenario?

Here is an example. I have personally seen this notated several ways, this being one of them. I have also seen the number placed similar to the multi measure rest.

It is from the new drum set book by Kennan Wylie published by Hal Leonard.


What would you say is the advantage to this instead of using the bar repeat sign? I suppose the difference is that with slashes there’s no initial music that you’re supposed to repeat, but rather in this case you’re supposed to just play whatever you decide is the appropriate pattern.

Presumably one advantage is saving paper. In my experience drummers (in particular) dislike page turns.

Leo’s answer about page turns is certainly a huge one. When both hands (and both feet) are moving, page turns can be a bit tricky. :slight_smile:

Along the lines of no music to repeat, you are on the correct track Daniel. One might see instructions such as “Medium Swing feel” or “Samba”. When these “instructions” are written, often times there is no music written at all, allowing the drummer to just play the feel as they see fit.


Sorry I’m responding late. The advantage of the consolidate slash is that you get a better bar count. I mean if I use one bar repeat in a 8 bar phrase, you get one bar the beat and then one bar repeat whit a 7. So in a way you have to make a calculation 1 plus 7 = 8. When there is just 8 bar slashes you will just see 8 and one kind of information. That is is easy because as a drummer you will feel 4, 8, 12 or 16 bars. I admit it is lazy reading but the focus you can deliver to the playing is better then.

In a way it is more clear if you don’t use consolidate one bar repeat because then you get (4) an (8) ontop of the bars and you see in once what is going on. You see the form. I now realize that the 7 confuses me.

I hope I made it clear.

Greetings of a vers happy user of Dorico.

Of course you must know what to play. But that is the nice thing in Dorico. It is very easy to make a flow whith only the groove and put that as general information in the right top corner.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been using the “7 bars time” method since long before computers entered the scene. Kept doing it through Finale and Sibelius, even though it took more than a little jerry-rigging.

A) It fits my rule #1—clearest writing at a glance; and
B) Drummers over the decades have said they like it.

Daniel ‘What would you say is the advantage to this instead of using the bar repeat sign?’

The big thing is that the meaning is different. A bar repeat means ‘repeat exactly the contents of the previous bar’, whereas slashes in this case mean ‘improvise appropriately within the context’.

So if bar repeats can be consolidated for convenience (and I LOVE that they can), it would be really great to have some form of ‘play 8’, ‘8 bars of time’, etc., even if it’s just the ability to attach a ‘play n times’ property to a barline that isn’t a backwards facing repeat, and have it refer to only one previous bar.

Was this ever resolved or implemented? I’d like to do something like the attached.

No, sorry.

No, but multi-bar bar-repeats are nearly the same.

Not perfect, but you can kinda fake it: