could cubase 7.5 fix this up?

you don’t need Cubase to fix that. Only the delete key :slight_smile:


‘Momma look what they have done to my song’!


I’ve heard some early Beatles outakes on various songs(before George Martin worked his magic) and they sound worse than this…I think most (except the absolutely most acomplished ) singers sound a bit iffy on a “cold” take.
specially me…it’s tough trying to sing proper!!!

Momma says it’s no different from lacing a Big Mac with salt and MSG y’all tooties.

Katy Jordan Price make da millions from selling da poo poo!!

If people are willing to buy poo poo then sell them poo poo!!!

Good one dude… :laughing:

She can’t sing…or is outta her brain…or both.

Mauri :wink:.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

BTW: you should hear Taylor Swift without auto-tune. :wink:
Too bad the studios would never let that out…


Just want to say really cool Avatar there, Bud!