Could I settle for Artist version? Midi editing shortcuts question

Every time I find myself having to update (every other version) I end up getting the Pro version again because I do a lot of Midi editing and I have a set of Midi shortcuts that I use all the time. The shortcuts are running presets in the Logical editor for functions like velocity +5, -5, Midi compression, etc…

I wonder if there is another way of doing this in the Artist version that doesn’t have the locical editor?


Welcome, @Jim_Radmer

There IS the Logical Editor feature in the Artist version : check in the Cubase Artist 13 Operation Manual, page #1005 :

If you have Pro, you can’t “downgrade” to Artist. You would need to purchase Artist as a new license. Or maybe I’m misunderstanding what you are hinting at.

In terms of MIDI, I don’t think there’s any difference between Artist and Pro, but @Scab_Pickens is correct, you can not “side-grade” from e.g. Cubase 12 Pro to Cubase 13 Artist.

That’s a bummer! That would probably just mean living with Pro for some years until getting Artist!

I checked the comparison chart for 13 Pro vs. 13 Artist and it states that the Project Logical Editor is only in the Pro version. Is there a Midi Logical Editor as well?

Those systems forcing you to only upgrade has the opposite effect on me: I get p*ssed of and end up not buying anything for years, then when I have saved twice the cost of Artist some day I will finally buy it!

Logical Editor and Project Logical Editor are two different features. What, I guess, you are talking about is what you call the ‘MIDI Logical Editor’. So, see my previous post about it and the comparison chart again : the Logical Editor is included in the Artist version.

The Pro version is the high end Cubase version, including Artist features and more : so, in which way this is a ‘bummer’ and what is the actual issue ? I still don’t get it…

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Eh? An update to Cubase pro 13 from any version of Cubase Pro from version 4 onwards is currently €199 (and you just missed a 40% off sale) whereas a new Artist 13 license is €329.