"could not access network location" when trying to install

I received this message when trying to install off the CD “could not access network location 0\Steinberg\Content\Halion\VST sound” Pretty terrible start I have to say when the software doesn’t even install properly out of the box. Anybody know how to actually get this installed. First impression, lame!

Hi, I’m getting the same problem. Didn’t have it the last time I installed it!!
Did you get a solution to the problem? I can see no support here.

Ok, I sorted it. It was to do with the dongle. I’ve just updated my studio PC and the dongle was plugged into a USB3 port, but I hadn’t yet installed the USB3 drivers so the ports that the dongle was plugged into we’re inactive. After totally uninstalling cubase then rebooting, I installed the USB3 drivers, then when I plugged in the dongle it came up with the ‘device not installed’ balloon which was a good sign as it registered that I’d plugged it in! Then I started the cubase installation again and it went through flawlessly as it should, installing cubase, halion etc including the e-licensing centre. Thank fook for that!