Could not connect POS

Good morning,

I’m the Music Department Technician at a 6th Form Centre in London and during this lockdown I’m tasked with administering our software remotely. This is at times problematic so any help or advice on here greatly appreciated -

One of our student’s who has had Doricp Pro 3 trial up and running for the past three weeks received this error message today - “Could not connect POS”. I understand that this is to do with Licensing, therefore I have advised that they update the eLicencer and perform maintenance tasks but this has not resolved things.

Has anyone else come across this or can someone from Steinberg help with this?

Many thanks

I’m sure someone from Steinberg will be along to help out, but in the meantime:

Are you sure the trial hasn’t expired?

No, the trial is for 90 days

This is indeed an error of some kind from the eLicenser subsystem. The first thing to try is a reboot, followed by running eLicenser Control Center as administrator and then letting it perform its default maintenance tasks again. If that doesn’t work, it’s worth trying both of the versions of eLCC that are currently provided on the download page, both the current version 6.12 and the previous version 6.11, as there are some reasonably big changes to the underlying architecture between those two versions, and in rare cases we’ve found that version 6.11 works better than 6.12 on those machines.

If you still don’t have any joy, let us know, and perhaps we can arrange for a remote desktop session with the student to try some further things.

Good morning Daniel and many thanks for your reply. The student in question ended up reinstalling Dorico through the updater application and it is all working fine now. I was a little surprised that he was not asked for a new authorisation code but I understand that reinstalling in this way negates the need for this?

Thanks again

Uninstalling and reinstalling Dorico doesn’t interfere with the license, which is held by eLicenser Control Center, so in general unless you do a system wipe or other more destructive changes to the operating system, the license should always survive this kind of operation intact. I’m glad your student is up and running now!

שלום ההודעה הזאת הופיע לי בקיובייס-Could not connect POS. מה עושים ?

Google translate: Hello, this message appeared to me on Cubase - Could not connect POS. What to do ?

Ask it on the Cubase forum? Apologies, but this is Dorico forum, so any Cubase specific question would not be answered as accurately here as it would be on the appropriate forum, I believe.

Most likely a zombied Synsopos process is responsible for that error. Try to reboot your machine and see if it works again.

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