could not create audio directory

Since updating to version 7.0.4 I am getting an error message when I drag and drop samples from the media bay into a project track. The error message says “Could not create audio directory”. The software creates and event on the track but when you go to sample eidtor the wave for is nto there. soon after all this I get amessage that says autosave could not complete because the project is corrupt, save the prjoect under a new name and restart the program. has anyone else encoutered this issue or its solution.

Toney S.

Aloha P,

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From trial and error I have found that this message is given before the project is saved and before the folder is chosen for the project. It appears you must save you project, select a folder for it, and close and reopen to import audio. Hope this helps, it would seem that everyone has different issues, but it’s very frustrating when other people’s solutions don’t pertain to your EXACT problem.