"Could not create link for:..."

After installing 7.5 on my SSD, I started moving content to my HD and that’s when the trouble started.

I know where the content is, and when Cubase prompts me to find it I can, but when I click on the correct file (which is on my HD, not in the usual spot) it says "Could not create link for: "

Now what?

Are you sure that content is compatible with Cubase 7.5?

Thanks - yeah, it should be compatible - it’s all Steinberg content (for Halion, for example). It was all working with 6.5.

I just re-installed the whole program being careful to select the HD destination for the content files during the installation and not the ‘VST Content’ default that sends content to my system drive, but it’s still doing the same thing. In desperation, I told it to ‘remove’ these files, and now it’s stopped asking me for them.

I’ve been doing a lot of moving files around after installing a new SSD, splitting system files and content files to different drives, and I’m trying to avoid putting content on my system drive, but it looks like I’ve created chaos.

I’ve attached the messages I’m getting in order of appearance…
LocateError.tiff (45.1 KB)
OpenDialog.tiff (335 KB)
CouldntCreateLink.tiff (23.3 KB)

So I dug up the Halion 4 disks and reinstalled the content - seems to have fixed the problem (only Halion/HalionSonic sounds were affected).

It seems that the installer needs to put aliases for the content files into the system/Library/Steinberg/folder for the content (just my speculation).

Looks like my 7.5 upgrade (from 6.5) is finished (3 days!). To be fair, my own hamfistedness didn’t help.

I have this same problem going from C6.5 to C8.

I don’t remember being prompted for locations to place the VST Sounds, but as you indicated, it wouldn’t matter??

I just dragged all the heavy sound files to a 2nd HDD and am being prompted with the same “Could not create link for…” even though I have it pointed at the EXACT FILE :imp:

What do you mean “put aliases for the content files into the system/Library/Steinberg/folder for the content”?

Thanks! :smiley:

Has there been any update on this? I am getting the same "Could not create link for…(Filename) message. My harddrive with all my iconica libraries were stolen and I have just re-downloaded it to a new harddrive. Any suggestions?

This is 5-year-old thread, long enough ago that OS needs have changed. Maybe post a new topic in the Cubase 9 forum?