Could not create record file

I just installed Cubase on a new Mac. I was previously using a PC. When I opened the program I got a message “could not create record file”. I tried to record an audio track and got the same message. Not sure what this means. Checked my device setup and VST connections. There are no problems when recording a new project; only when I try to record to a project that was recorded with Cubase on my PC.on Previously recorded tracks will playback, but I can’t record anything. Any suggestions?

This usually happens when either a drive is full or the folder you’re trying to record in is write-protected (so it can’t record audio in the folder). I’d imagine when you’ve copied the folder over from the PC to the mac that it is now “read only” and resetting the properties on the folders will sort this out.


It happened to me to a project with the settings in the screenshot

In record file type was Flac. Changed it to wav and the message was gone.