Could not install 8.03 - missing Cubase8_64bit.msi-SOLVED


i need help. First time i had trouble to install an update. Everytime i try to install update 8.03 an error page with
“Could not find Cubase8_64bit.msi”
I don´t know from which place i installed 8.0.0 first . But now i donwnload the whole full installer from mySteinberg and now the missing Cubase8_64bit.msi is present. On every HD. But it seems it is not availible for teh update programm. So is there a specific place whre i had to place the full installer or the missing Cubase8_64bit.msi?
I tried the trick with the “repair” option, but there is no possibility in Win10 to “repair” only deinstall. :imp:
No probs at the time I updated to 8.0.2
I hope there is someone who has an solution.


the update looks for the .msi in the original place you installed it from.
If you used the full installer, you would need to have the unpacked files in the same location (i.e. desktop or same folder where the full installer is/was placed), but the patcher could be looking for the .msi in a temporary folder which is no longer there.

If you can’t remember the exact location or have problems regardless, you can uninstall Cubase Pro 8 from Programs and Features (the application only, e.g. Steinberg Cubase 8 64 bit), run the full installer again (it will only install Cubase Pro 8 leaving all the content untouched) and then run the 8.0.30 update.
sps, it looks like this is what you need to do.

For those who initially used the ISO image and have the same problem: mounting the image so that the .msi can be found by the installer in a virtual drive allows the installation to complete.

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thanks for your answer. Problem is solved. I did a new install (only Cubase) and the update works well.
It would be better if there will be not a error page only, but a window i can show where the missing file is.
Less work for the support, a litte more brainwork for the programmer. :wink:

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I tried the trick with the “repair” option, but there is no possibility in Win10 to “repair” only deinstall.

Try right mouse click next time…repair option is there.

Hi grim,

I know this function very well, but maybe it´s in WIN8 or Win7 only, but i could not realize it in WIN10 . MS reserved it to its own automatic repair method. Thats the way in all next new OS “Don´t do it we do it for” Incapacitiation is way we had to expect.

Right click on start menu icon. Select control panel/programs and features - Right click on Steinberg Cubase and repair.

Works for me.