"Could not rename file" - is there a workaround or a fix yet?

As title suggests: try to change the filename for an event (in the pool or info line) and sometimes you’ll get this


Only “workaround” I’ve found is to completely close and reopen Nuendo.

This is happening in 12.0.7 - has it been fixed in 13 or is it yet another ignored bug with a decade-old heritage on this forum?

At least on Windows, this message occasionally occurs because the operating system locks the file for some time. You can’t get to the file outside of Nuendo - it’s locked. It’s not clear to me why this happens occasionally.

I’m pretty sure Nuendo has locked the file, as if you try and rename it outside Nuendo (eg in Explorer) then Windows will tell you that Nuendo is the process that’s stopping it being renamed.

So using the exact processes outlined in the Nuendo manual to rename files (info line/pool) sometimes doesn’t work, for reasons. It’s been a bug for over a decade.

I’m not sure about that. I’ve also experienced Nuendo blocking the file - even though Nuendo was closed. Whether Nuendo doesn’t properly notify Windows that the blocking has been lifted - or whether Windows is not processing Nuendo’s message.
This happened to us when we wanted to move finished projects to the data archive.

Someone who has the same problem on their Mac would have to come forward.

Ah I’ve not encountered that - although did you check in Task Manager whether the Nuendo process was still running? Sometimes it’ll linger even though you’ve closed it.

We just had the problem that all files were blocked and we couldn’t move the project to the archive hard drive. The project had already been closed for several minutes. Moving files worked when we finished Nuendo.
However, within Nuendo we were always able to rename the files in the top left field. And we do that since 5 years quite often. N10 … N13 (on 3 computers).