Could not rename the file! - Highly annoying

There’s this supremely annoying bug that’s disrupting my workflow. I can’t seem to rename the audio clips. For whatever reason Cubase decides to prevent me from renaming files. How do you folks get around this?

Can you be more specific? Where are you trying to rename the files? Info line, pool… ?

This is all in the info line.

I think I’ve tried the pool before with similar results.

You think you have tried?
And what happens? error message?

Yes - error saying “Could not rename the file!”

Happens randomly. No saying what will trigger it. Needs a bounce before the file is renamable. I can’t be wasting disk space on a simple issue like this. :neutral_face:

Happens to me all the time.

But I’ve narrowed it down slightly… It happens when I use the Play tool on an audio event. I suspect it happens at other times too.

Here’s a repro which works every time on my systen:

  1. Preview an audio event using the Play Tool
  2. After this I can’t change the Filename at all, using either the File field in the info line or the pool (I’m not talking about changing the description here, the actual filename in the OS via Cubase)
  3. Close Cubase (not just the project) and re-open, then I can edit the filename until I repeat Step 1

Give it a go people, let us know…


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I’m on the road so only have access to Cubase AI 8, but I could reproduce those steps here.


Is it the same issue here?

Yes, sounds like it is.

Yes. How is it more people don’t notice this? Maybe it’s my use case? This is when I drag and drop from my sampler and bounce.

I see no workaround to this. If someone does know it pls post it. It is a huge pain in the ass to remember your clips instead of looking at the labels.

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Any solutions? This is annoying me the frick out right now…

No, this still happens in Cubase 9.5!!! In my repro above, the Play tool still locks the file and you can’t rename it.

BUT… I’ve just this second found more info and maybe a solution…

Previewing a file ONLY locks it until you preview the next file. So, to rename a locked file, preview another file and you can then rename the first file that was locked.

Can anyone confirm this?


In Cubase elements 7 I can rename an audio clip in the pool [audio] immediately after previewing in pool. I can also rename in the info line. I cannot rename a pool item if it is in trash. Normally we find that Cubase Elements has less functionality so I would expect you to be able to do that in the posh version. Just a stab in the dark… Is there some complicated file management facility unique to (and turned on) in the posh version that’s kicking in here? X

Yes! Exactly as you say.

Confirmed here.

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Why can’t Cubase offer a fix to the paying customers instead of having us go through this tedious process?

And this dear Steinberg is why I won’t bother upgrading from 7.5

Do you actually bother listening to your professional customers who rely on your software for their living?

Seriously considering moving to another DAW now as you appear more interested in making your stock plugins look “pretty” rather than fixing major issues which obstruct workflow for professional musicians.

Someone at Steinberg presumably WRITES music on Cubase? If so they will be aware how disheartening it is to have one’s creative flow interrupted by a simple issue like this which you should have solved ages ago.

I’ve been pulling my hair out in the studio today (wasting money!) trying to rename loads of clip edits on an audio track and you STILL haven’t fixed it in the latest version apparently. As far as I am aware this isn’t an issue in even basic “amateur” DAWs. Why is it is a problem for you?

Once this project is finally finished I think I’ll may be finding a more professional firm to provide my work tools. And this is after using Cubase for over 20 years.

UPDATE: So by trial and error I tried the “events to part” option on an edited audio event in the sequence window and it allowed me to change the file name!

This may be the way to do it but at least explain that in your useless manual. IE adding something like “If you cannot rename the audio event you need to select “events to part” option in the audio drop down menu”. I couldn’t find anything like this in the manual.

Now if you want me to upgrade to your shiny new version I may well do if you actually make your operations manual more comprehensive. Why should I pay for an separate manual just because Steinberg can’t be bothered to provide a proper in-depth manual in the first place.

Anyway back to work…

I wish I could give you a thumbs up @aromadome
Jesus… is there a fix to this highly annoying problem?
I can’t rename any wave file in my project.

Previewing a file ONLY locks it until you preview the next file. So, to rename a locked file, preview another file and you can then rename the first file that was locked.

  • This was confirmed by a few people above.

So, I would expect that when you find you can’t rename a file then preview another audio event which is linked to another file in the pool (using the Play tool) and then you will be able to rename the first file.

Workaround, not fix, but that’s the best we’ve got until it’s fixed by Steinberg. This issue has been there since at least V7 I think, maybe even earlier.


Hi, I conform the issue, just like you said, after using playtool…
And mostly when I load an older version into a new cubase version…<<<then I have to save it, quit cubase, start cubase an reload new file>>>>