"Could not rename the file!"

Has anyone seen this message when trying to rename an audio clip in the info bar? What does this mean?
could not rename the file.PNG

yes, for years! but it’s getting better …
sometimes it helps to change the file name in the Pool instead, sometimes it works in the Info Bar.
Sometimes you can temporarily uncheck Musical Mode, rename the file and then check it again.
It’s like when Cubase is holding the file like in a live state like when some process is applied to it then Cubase get overloaded and can’t change the name.
If you render the file or export/import it or in some way consolidate it you can rename it but that’s not always what you want.
And really … such a workaround isn’t good enough!

Just to add-

If the lock is from previewing the file, previewing a different file will sometimes release the lock.