Could pedal shortcuts work based on the caret position rather than the selection?

I tend to input retakes from the caret, using Shift-P ^ Enter. This works anywhere, whether or not there’s a note present at the caret position.

It occurred to me that the Edit/contextual > Pedal Lines functions can take key commands, but it transpires that these ignore the caret and apply to whatever’s selected. If nothing’s selected, these functions do nothing. If multiple notes are selected, these functions apply to the start of the selection.

Potentially there are two feature requests here:

  1. Could these functions apply at the caret position when the caret is invoked?
  2. When multiple notes are selected, could these functions apply to each rhythmic position at which there’s a note (e.g. same behaviour as when turning on the Harmonic type > Natural property, rather than the behaviour when applying a Slur)?

Many thanks.


Thanks for the suggestions, Leo. I’ve made a note of them for possible future implementation.