Could Playback continue whilst REW/FWD transport buttons held please.?

Probably been asked for before; I searched and looked at the Help online (under Transport bar controls). No joy.

Could it be made possible to allow playback to continue running whilst click-and-hold the REW (SHIFT+B) or FWD (SHIFT+N) buttons/shortcuts on the Transport bar please.? If there is such a setting/preference already, please point it out for me.

I usually reassign these two to the ‘-’ and ‘+’ keys on the computer Numpad, for fast scrolling (of the playhead/edit cursor) back and forth. Works beautifully in Cubase/Studio One etc…


What you could do, is press the Page Up/Down key while playing, and when you are where you like, you press the Enter key on the Num Pad. Is it something similar you are looking for?

Thank you for this - it is the kind of behaviour I am after PG; its a little clunky as my Numpad doubles as ‘Home Keys’ so I need to dis-engage NumLock for this operation. Then remember to re-engage for Markers/Navigation etc, etc… So, not that elegant really.

Moving that experience of the Page Up/Down keys to clicking and holding the already made shortcuts on the Transport bar (then ‘releasing’ the click to add the ‘Enter’ command) and we’re there…! What do you think…? Could it be done…? :slight_smile: