Could someone please explain the AudioWarp Quantize switch?

So I’m on Cubase 6.5 and for the life of me, can’t work how to implement tat AudioWarp Quantize On/Off switch on the Project Window next to the IQ switch and grid sizes.

I’ve gone through the New Features part of the manual where it explains its usage, and from what I’ve gathered it, when engaged and I crop an audio clip on the project window, it should automatically create hit-points and then quantize those points to the nearest relevant part of the grid. Is my understanding correct?

Whenever I’ve tried using it, it honestly seems to have no effect whatsoever and all that results is the same as trimming an event by a quantize size (ie, the same thing that occurs when the switch is off.)

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks. :smiley:

I’ve only used it once in a project, so I may be missing something as well. But, from what I remember, I did need to create hitpoints in the wave editor first. Use the threshold slider to get it close to what you need it to be, and then adjust the remainder manually. After that, i proceeded to use the AudioWarp function (plus crossfades, etc) found inside the quantize window. Give that a try and see if it works for you too.


Not sure why the button is on the project window…does nada that I can see other than linking to the button in the quantise panel that you always need to open to perform the quantise.

So all you need to do is select event, open quantise panel, click the audiowarp button there and then hit quantise.

Of course manually checking and adjusting hitpoints and creating warp tabs first may give more accurate results…but it is possible to do a two button push audio quantise if that’s what you want.

Ah, thanks guys!

I was under the impression that with the switch engaged on the Project window, I’d be able to nudge hits onto different quantize points with the Object Selection tool, rather than trimming the start/end point of an event like that tool normally does.