Could the last beat of a multi-selection across staves include any divisions of that beat in any staves?

So for example in the attached pic “multiselection_example” I clicked the half note in the topmost stave and shift-clicked the half note in the bottommost stave. As you can see, only the first note at that rhythmic position is selected in each stave.

I’m not sure about the reason for this behaviour? Wouldn’t it be better in most cases if the same amount of time (in this case the entire second half of the bar) got selected in every stave?

Think of orchestral scores with lots of staves, in order to e.g. create a crescendo for all instruments I have to find the stave with the smallest note values at the end of my selection and shift-click there again to avoid a result like in the second attachment… am I missing something here?

(For the record, I know about marquee selection, but in some situations that can be impractical.)


The System Track is pretty good for this. If you hold Alt/Opt it’ll let you select bits of bars according to the rhythmic grid.

Thank you for the tip! Here it is in the manual for anyone else curious:

I’d still vote for the change outlined in my original post, but in the meantime I will remember this method!