Could the latest DM3 digital small mixer from yamaha be the small 'nuage' for cubase users?

Or perhaps, its DAW integration is limited…?

I am very curious, because the product is from Yamaha and it also has touch screen for EQ etc…

I wish though!

The mixer came out like a few days ago :slight_smile:

There are some videos on YouTube that shows using this mixer in a live stage with cubase and another just using with Cubase. Have a look. Regards

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The manual is available for download. I skimmed thru it and looks like only Mackie protocol is available.
Strange if true.

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Ok, haha… maybe my hope was too steep! one day, we will get mini-Nuage for small studios aye! :slight_smile:
Possibly with touch EQing too! :slight_smile:

Just watched the live set video on youtube! wow… looks extremely tactile and intuitive with touch EQing (sort of stock EQ on cubase, looks like, that I love :))

At first glance it is aimed at the live performance market.
It is rather big to sit on a desktop and 2400 € is a lot of money.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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According to Yamaha’s marketing material:

The DM3 series is also a supremely portable, full-specification music production tool, covering all the bases for recording and editing needs, thanks to an included 18in/18out USB audio interface and DAW Remote functionality.

The 2400 EUR is the price for the version with Dante.
The one without Dante is 1900 EUR, which is pretty great considering it’s in line with the prices for upper class audio interfaces.
1900 EUR for 18 IN/OUT good interface, mixer and 9 motorized faders control surface sounds like a really great price to me.

Okay, I’ve seen it now. That’s the DM3S. I agree about the price indeed.

I use a Steinberg UR824 and I am afraid I couldn’t get it linked to the DM3 to benefit from all this In/Out s

I have the Yamaha TF1 and it seems that (still) offers more value for about the same price: 16 (instead of 9) motorized faders. and a 34x34 USB audio I/O interface.

Could have been nice but I do not have dante… (ufx ii)
Not wanting to go DA/AD… I still find it fascinating, mixing with touch screen… (hopefully one day I can try!)

I was just thinking, touch cubase channel strip integration could have been super nice!
But I guess not yet… haha

I reckon mini nuage will arrive soon? I hope…? :slight_smile:

For anyone curious about the exact DAW control surface integration, there is a special DAW control page that appears when you press the Custom 1 and 2 buttons together on the DM3.
This has buttons for read/touch/write/latch/trim automation, scrub and shuttle, a timecode display and bank switch buttons.
Each scribble strip on the main screen shows the first four characters of the track name (HUI protocol limitation) and metering, you touch the scribble strip box to record arm, the ON button is mute (reversed i.e muted if the light is off), Cue is solo.
The rotary encoder controls the timeline and scrub and shuttle.
The user defined keys become transport control keys with rewind, fast forward, loop (press both together), stop and play.
Everything is full duplex; move a fader on the screen and the DM3 fader will of course mimic it, the LEDs all mimic the DAW display as well.
Most of this stuff (exception, scrub, shuttle, automation) works with the DrivenByMoss plugin under Reaper as well.
As an audio interface the DM3 is superb, reporting 1.2ms in and 1.8ms out under Reaper at 128 buffer, 96KHz.
Obviously you don’t have pan and the other channel strip controls but then most of the core stuff you’d want to do is right at your fingertips and I find the DM3 an excellent all-round solution in the studio.

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