Could this be the answer to deep archiving?

As you are probably aware, CD and DVD media has a limited life span, this new technology claims to have beaten this… could be a great tool for us musos, to back up all that hard work, libraries, etc.


Back(up) to tablets of stone.

You can’t burn them though, so there’s not much use unless you invest in whatever the device is you need for that which I guess isn’t cheap.

Like … glass?

A lot of unanswered questions for sure. Duck, yes, quasi old testament!

Guess time will tell about cost of device and media.

Here’s more…

It’s good that they can be read in normal DVD players. But even if they last 10,000 years they will become obsolete in a fraction of that time as we demand greater capacity and faster read times. Unless we’re stuck with the current disc format, accumulating a vast catalog of backward compatibility, for eternity. And the data formats will become obsolete at a similar rate. Will your Cubase 6 project be playable in Cubase 16 ten years hence? So each generation will have to decide what to keep before transfering to the lastest medium. The beauty of stone and even paper is that it skipped disinterested generations - even the entire ‘Dark Age’. I’m printing out my sample library.

Make sure you use archival quality, acid-free paper. None of that cheap copy-machine stuff, eh! :wink:

The lady in the bookstore once told me we’d use less ink if we bought more expensive paper :laughing:


Sounds interesting and if it is going to be developed for dept of defense. 8gig of backup doesn’t do much though.
My biggest problem is that I always lose the disk I cut lol…Now I’d buy any product that could fix that

Yep … only the very best for the D.O.D. … especially all those $800 hammers. :wink:

Its been out for years! Geritol! :laughing: :wink: