Could use a relibable advise

Gentleman ,

I am introducing Nuendo to my main client and suggesting jumping from PT which was used for live events recording.
Although I have no problems or major show stopping issues with my own setup ( see signature ) I need to know which OSX version ( currently on Yosemite / trashcan ) and matching Nuendo version will run reliably for recording a couple of hours of live feed. Max 16-20 tracks.
I have the gen-lock and TC chase already in place.

My main concern is stability. No plugins being used and no cue feeds needed.
Thanx greatly !

I would use Nuendo live for this. It is cheap, light, reliable and OSX11 compatible.

We use it here in a hobby van and I’ve recorded long shows on 32 tracks without problems.
You can record MTC ;
Open the *.nlpr project in Nuendo or Export in AAF, or MP3 ;
Place markers on the fly so you can name bands or songs etc…
It costs 300 bucks and there’s a demo available to see if it suits your needs.

Hmm, interesting and many thanx Bifop,

Actually I must admit…never heard of it. :astonished:
They have N3,4,5,6 licenses.
Will investigate.

Hi lemix,

in case it is not yet too late, and you didn’t know about it, we currently have a crossgrade offer from Pro Tools to Nuendo for a very interesting price:

All the best,

Luis, I just went to that page out of curiosity and saw all the videos there. THOSE ARE GREAT! I’ve seen many people here looking for some Nuendo courses or learning material. I’m not new to DAWs but “fairly” new to Nuendo. I haven’t been able to figure out some stuff in the manuals as it’s hard to convey that stuff in written linear form. But those videos showed me some tweaks and tricks that I wasn’t aware of and haven’t looked for because I didn’t know they were there, I saw some cool tricks, and much more.

I cannot understand why they are buried on that one cross-upgrade page. They’d be useful somewhere on the main Nuendo page as well.

Yes I was fully aware of that, thanx Luis !
That will not be the case, as they are fully Avid committed across the entire organization :frowning: