Could VST Transit not use FLIP??

VST Transit has grown but could it not now use FLIP instead, now it’s been packaged up?

Would allow for Real Proper Collaboration, ohm studio is a basic daw but shows how well flip works, would be awesome seeing cubase do this.

Plus better than the old Rocket Control years back, which now probs would work better had it not been before its time.

Hi Andy,

thanks for asking. Steinberg developed VST Transit to offer collaboration with the best possible performance and integration for all Cubase customers. We strongly believe in this technology and its further development. VST Transit is the most advanced collaboration technology any DAW has onboard nowadays and we work hard on making it better every day.

Nevertheless, as we are always keen on getting direct user feedback I’d be happy to hear your opinion on what exactly do you miss and why you think Flip might be a better option.


Well, Andy has not come back; maybe this can help… the key words seem to be “Real-Time Collaborative Editing”.

Reading on their website and the success of Ohmstudio… well, that’s the winner for me; that’s the most advanced collaborative technology inside a DAW today. That’s what I and many, many others I reckon, would jump onboard with in a heartbeat if Cubase/Nuendo had it. Real-time, multiple users, same project, near instantaneous synchronisation, private undo/redo stack per user… Whats not to love.?

And, who is this other ‘audio industry leader’ they are currently working with I wonder (see their ‘About’ blog post).?

VST Transit has no auto-sync feature (yet). Click the ‘Sync’ button when you decide to, and you’re just as “realtime” as it gets. And what else that you listed isn’t featured by Transit?