Could we get a flow 0?

Ok, this is gonna be kind of a weird one, but hear me out…

What I propose is some sort of project option that would number the flows from 0 rather than 1.

My reasoning for this is that a fairly common musical form is the theme and variations. What I would like is to be able to have the flows numbered such that they line with the variations. So, the Theme is Flow 0, Variation 1 is Flow 1, Variation N is Flow N, etc. Instead of the current Theme is Flow 1, Variation 1 is Flow 2, Variation N is Flow N+1

Basically just something to save the human a little mental bandwidth.

Presumably one could put the numbers one wanted as part of the Flow Titles, which are completely customizable in the File Info panel and elsewhere.

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Why not just name your flows?

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(A workaround) Create N flows. Drag the Nth to the beginning. Now you have Flow N (Theme) and N-1 flows for variations numbered as you would like!

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Or be able to do basic arithmetic on the Flow tokens. i.e. {@flowNumber@} - 1

Advice from an old programmer, don’t worry about 0 or 1 based indexing, it’s not worth it.