Could ya check my site update?


Busy week…

I finally updated Woodcrest’s website.

The pages and interlinked pages are:
(including all links in the current news dated 4/20)

I think everything is right, but as usual I need other browsers and OSs that I don’t have to just click and read if there is something wrong.

I would greatly appreciate it!

appears to work fine in IE9 both 32 and 64bit. Did have to click the compatibility icon but then I usually do.

Displays well in Chrome, although only the left 3rd of my screen. That may change the next time I open the browser as Google just updated Chrome while I was typing this.

Very nice layout. All in all I feel I have just had a glimpse of paradise. My day to day grind is obviously different than yours.
Nice work.

Tom – I think it’s great. I am so glad to see you’re busy. The only suggestion I would make is, is there a way to make the text a bit larger (without one having to do a ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom in)

I’d be interested in hearing some samples of this latest band I Am Love

Aloha Tom,

Looks great here and everything works just fine.
The brownish colour is ‘soothing’ to me.
Loved the shot of ‘The Helm’.
Makes me want to sit there. ha!

My ‘on-line’ 'puter is a mac G5 with Safari as a browser.


Hey Tom,
I checked out your site. Looks good in FF 3 and 4. It is designed using kind of an older method though (I’m a web designer / developer by trade so just had to mention this).

I noticed your site is squeezed up against the left side of the browser. Just under the body tag is:

<div align="left">

You should be able to center your entire site in all browsers by changing this to:

<div align="center">


<div style="margin: 0px auto;">

…but being this is an older design, you will probably have to change this on every page.

Other than that though, I think it looks fine.

What John said, otherwise, very nice. Sorry if I drooled on your pre-amps! :laughing:

First section of the first link has an un-needed comma between group and featuring.

Ex’pression College section is missing up after catch.

Expanding the Mix section, 2nd More should be more.

Working fine here (at work…) on IE7.

Oh, and +1 on the alignment.

Hey John,

Thanks for that. I tried a while ago to center that but the layout all changed. I used Adobe go live to build it way back then and continued to use it well after Adobe acquired Dream Weaver. It has to do with the floating boxes U used to make the site. For whatever reason, when the page was centered, the floating boxes seemed to be anchored on the left side of the site. I could never figure out how to remedy it.

That was on my older XP computer and this update I used Dream Weaver (trial) to do this update, using my MAC. I still had to do a lot of manual code for the lightbox JS on the studio page.

This update I did all the add-ons and optimized the studio page because it has over 30 images on it. Creating thumbnails and had the lightbox action open up larger images whereas before all the images on that page were the full size images, just shrinked to fit in the edges of the page. It now opens up really fast on my mobile device.

If you have any ideas, let me know. If you have a consulting fee, which I understand if you do, P.M. me that and if I can swing it, I will shoot you some $$. I would like to eventually have the pages centered. I only have a few days left on Dreamweaver’s trial and to be honest, I don’t really care for it. It just seems to be a little clunky o nthe mac. Not sure how it is on the P.C.


Is the text small throughout the entire site? I know the animated picture openings have smaller text and I suppose I could go through that at some point and enlarge the text. To do the whole site would mess a lot with the layout, more so on the news page as the text sit to the left of all the images, which is where I want it.

Nate, Wim, Ted, Michael, curteye, Doug, Robin, John and everyone else.

Thanks a lot for taking the time viewing the changes. I really appreciate you all taking the time to do that for me.

I Am Love is an innovative…

By now, having reached the end of this page, an impression of what it is like here should have been conveyed though there is no > substute > for being here in person.

You might want to fix that.

Oh YEA! Thanks!

Looks great if you ask me, I’d love to come by one day and drool over all your stuff, if you weren’t on the other side of the globe.

Woodcrest also has gigs of sample libraries for use midi devices and midi material.

That doesn’t sound like a sentence to me, not entirely sure what you want to say though :confused:

Works fine on FF 3.6.10, XP.

Nice touch also, being able to listen while browsing the pics.

Congrats, Tom!!!