Could you fix these two things in the next update please...

1] in the connections window the presets panel ‘loses’ the text data that shows what preset it has loaded for inputs outputs and cotrol room (possibly the others too.
2] In the expression maps screen its not possible to load more than one empty space as an articulation name - this ‘forces’ you to name everything with different text or symbols with a unique name and creates score graffitti with overlaid text

two simple fixes… yes?

many thanks :smiley:

1] I’m pretty sure that occurs elsewhere to, but I can’t remember where now. There might be a logical reason, though. If you load a preset then change the settings in any way, it still shows the preset name (without even a “dot”, like some synths do). So, after reloading the Project, if it showed the preset name, you wouldn’t know whether it was the “truth” or not.
2] Lots of people (including myself) would love for that to be possible. (in fact, I think the main reasoning behind this, is to have a slot not show anything in the score editor… i.e. give the slot in question “blank space” as a name) .Unfortunately, it is designed to work “the other way round”… if you enter a particular text (which exists in the expression map) in the score, then the score immediately knows which VST Expression slot to trigger. That would not be possible if that same text were connected to several different vx slots. The closest we get to that result is to add extra (and exclusive) blank spaces to the other slots’ names.