Couldn't claim free vouchers because of internet problems due to heavy rain

Hello, how are you, explaining my problem, I participated in a Steinberg Promotion that lasted until 04/29/2024, which in addition to a 30% discount on the purchase of Cubase 13 pro, I would receive 5 softers and some bookstores that were not linked to Steinberg , but there were problems with very intense rains in regions of Brazil that hindered internet communication which continues until now, this is what you can see in the news from Brazil, due to this problem of lack of internet I was unable to download and use the voucher until 04/29/2024, therefore the vouchers are no longer available on My Steinberg, as the voucher has expired, As I have not received a response from Steinberg contacting me and the problem is not my fault, I would like to receive my promotional vouchers

Unfortunately, this is a “users helping users” forum. It is unlikely (possible, but highly unlikely) that you will receive any kind of official Steinberg response here.

I feel for you. Good luck :neutral_face: .

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Ok, it’s good that the user steinberg is more realistic in relation to the company, which sells us Softer with Bugs and in a support case with an atypical case they simply don’t respond, I will remain optimistic, and continue trying the routes that I have in hand. my rights