Couldn't find Kontakt 7 and Ample Guitar VSTs in Dorico 5


I couldn’t find Kontakt 7 and Ample Guitar VSTs in Dorico 5, but I have both in my Cubase without problems. Doesn’t Dorico 5 support them? If it does, what is the solution? I use the MAC book pro-Apple M2 MAX and Mac OS: Ventura 13.2.

It certainly should and I also wonder why it is not on your Mac. From the Dorico menu please choose Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

@wuweichia017 , welcome to the forum.

Have you tried adding Kontakt from the VST Tab of Play mode. As you may already know, one must add a new VST manually before one can assign it to a track (in the other tab).

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Dorico (581.0 KB)

Sure, here it is.

I don’t think that’s the issue I met; the problem is when I open the form, I can’t find Kontakt and Ample Guitars on the list. Like below:

Thanks for the diagnostics. First of all, Kontakt 7 gets detected by Dorico but is blacklisted because it is an only Intel architectur binary. If you want to use it in Dorico, you need to run in Rosetta mode. Or you need to reinstall it and make sure that an Apple Silicon native Kontak 7 gets installed (if such version is available from Native Instruments; I don’t know, please check yourself.)
Regarding Ample Guitar, I presume that it is a VST2 plug-in and VST2 is not supported anymore on native Apple Silicon. But again, if you run Dorico in Rosetta mode, I’m quite confident that it will load (if you whitelisted it before).
Do you need more detailed instructions or did I confuse you? If so, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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All set! Thanks a lot!

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hi @Ulf

I have a Macbook M1 Silicon with Dorico 4. I’m planning to buy some Ample guitars and don’t want to use Rosetta mode.

Here’s what I found on the product page of their Taylor guitar (also other guitars seem to have these specs):

So I’m a bit confused about your “VST2” remark.

Hi @Wimuz , yes, it’s a bit confusing.
If on native Apple Silicon, then Dorico does not support VST2 anymore, you need the VST3 version of that. I don’t know, if you install Ample, do you get the choice of what derivate you want to install? Make sure that the VST3 derivate gets installed.
But then again, even if it is VST3, it might be that it only got compiled for running on an Intel processor (same problem as what you had with Kontakt). So check that Ample has a VST3 version of their plug-in either as a universal build or Apple Silicon.
Does this clarify things for you?

According to this article, all of their products are native Apple silicon since octobre 2022…