Couldn't get the "grey" so I could activate crossfades...?

Hi All -

SX3 here.

Working last night on a ripped CD audio track: split, cut and paste one part of the track from one location to another. It was a stereo track, so it was impossible to find a place where there were zero crossings simultaneously in the Left and Right Channels, so I tried to overlap and use a cross fade.

The problem was, when I dragged one part on top of the other, I didn’t get the gray overlap bit that cross fade would work on.

I tried and tried, including overlapping a LOT thinking it needed a minimum amount of overlap before it went gray, but nothing I did was successful in making the overlap turn grey.

This morning I went in to try to reproduce it because I was very quizzed off and lo and behold it worked like I expected it to - nice grey overlap, hit X, voila - le crossfade.

Anyone have any idea why it wouldn’t show “grey” on the overlap last night? I read something in the manual about the original clips having to be a certain way, but I really couldn’t follow that very well …