Count in bars and open hi hat

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The update to Dorico 4 needs count-in bars in write and an open hi hat symbol. Otherwise I’m happy. These features exizt in cubase, why not Dorico?

You should be able to create an open hi-hat symbol already. Can you say a bit more about what you need?

Even if I can create an open ho hat symbol, I cannot get an open hi hat sound in play. Do I have to create a custom drum kit for that? There’s an open hi hiat symbol and sound in cubase but not dorico! wWhy please

I’m not sure I understand your problem. If you input a drum kit (either basic or complete), when you write notes on the hi hat and use the open 2 playing technique (that shows a little o above the note), it will play an open hi-hat. The sounds do exist in HSO+HSSE provided with Dorico pro (and probably in the lower tiers too)

I have a basic drumset loaded, I can put Hi Hat notes on the stave but I don’t understand the open 2 playing technique! How do I put the little o above the hihat note please?

The easiest way if you have already written some notes for the hi-hat is to select the note you want to be played open, then type Shift+P for the playing techniques popover, enter open in the popover, and hit Return.

Thanks, I tried that and it made no difference, still the same sound as closed hihat

Here’s a sample file that should play back correctly. Hopefully you can see how it is set up and duplicate it.
OpenHH.dorico (470.3 KB)

Thanks Fred for sending the file. I have loaded it into dorico and get no sound at all when I play it. If I access the Halion sonic se dialog I get lots of drum sounds! This is a tad irritating as you have tried to help but I must be doing something wrong. If I write music, the drums will play with sonic, sonic se or Halion 6 but not the open hi hat :frowning:

Hmm … here’s how that file is setup. Is this what you see in Play when you click the Edit Instrument button?

Thanks, its working now!

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