Count-In Click in Audio export

I work on Audio Files for Training Tracks and it would be marvelous, if a one measure long count-in could be heard at the start of every track.
I guess, there is no way or work around that Dorico can over me right now. Well, I could input in every track a new drum instrument, but that would spoil the whole score and I couldn’t use the “export players as separate files” functionality.

So let’s make a wish out of my Question: I would like to have a checkbox in the audio-export window, that offers me: “export with audible count-in”

You could actually write the count in on a separate voice (but on an existing player), then use independent voice playback in Play mode and assign that voice to DoricoBeep (or whatever click sound you want). If you don’t mind it printing then there’s nothing else to do; if you don’t want it to print then use a Bar Number Change so that that bar isn’t counted, put a Frame Break immediately after that bar, fiddle the text frames onto the next page and don’t print page 1.

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You guys are too good at this. :slight_smile: Nice solution.

My solution is to have a flow called CountIn which only has the click in it. You have to set playback options to have 0 time in between flows, but you can have layouts that do and don’t include the click.


Hey “steveparker”, I knew there should be a smooth solution, even though it’s a workaround, but that’s fine for me right now! And “pianoleo” offered a good one too, but it’s not as streamlined as the one with the count-in flow. So thanks to both of you for this late new year present …

Looking for a count-in, this looks nice! Can I do it with Dorico SE?


Yes, the method described by Leo above would work in Dorico SE.

FWIW, I used Leo’s approach, it’s a tad more elegant… If I had to print it, it would be more of a problem…

I just started playing around with playback.
After reading the above, my quick and very dirty solution was to duplicate the project file to one that I’ll only use to produce audio. Then add an extra bar at the start of the flow. In order to play back, the bar seems to need something more than the implicit rests. Adding a chord symbol worked for me.

It would be very convenient to have count in as an option both for playback and when exporting the audio file.

(When writing this reply, I did get a warning that I would be bumping the topic to the top of the list. I’m pretty new to the forum, so I would welcome guidance on whether this post is in line with forum etiquette.)

On the subject of forum etiquette: it’s absolutely OK to post in old threads if you have something germane to add. But thank you for being considerate about it!