Count-in during playback

Cubase 9.5.20 running on Windows 7
Is there a way to have Count-in during playback?

I know where the Count-in button is at the bottom of main project window next to the metronome activation and metronome settings buttons.
Count-in when recording works, but it does not if only play is selected.

Moreover Pre-roll on the Transport menu is no properly following the Activate Count-in at the bottom of the main project window.
If I select Pre-roll (and it has a check mark next to it) I do not get Count-in bars when I press record.
And if “Activate Count-in” was previously selected and looks now white, when selecting Pre-roll in Transport Menu it is deactivated and goes back to gray???
If I only select Activate Count-in and forget about Pre-roll (no check mark on Transport Menu) Count-in works for recording.
Whether I activate Punch-in or not makes no difference to the Count-in or Pre-roll behavior in play or record.

Is playback Count-in a limitation in Cubase or is there something else that has to be done for Count-in to work during playback.

It is a necessary option for rehearsal and it seems silly to have to move the hole project a few bars back just to set up manually a few bars for count-in.


Bump… I need this and use this feature of most DAWs as well for rehearsal - it should be called ‘rehearsal count-in’ … but i can’t get Cubase 11 Pro to do it either. count-in seems to work only in Record mode… Steinberg?

What I do is turn off recording for the track, and monitoring on, then hit record to count in without actually recording anything.

Thanks for the work around to have count in on playback.

I had a bass player over this past weekend and he needed to rehearse the bass part that I created before we actually recorded. Especially if you make it easy for the bass player to rehearse and record a song in sections or parts. We needed a consistent way to rehearse and record the part, such that the part is practiced and recorded in a consistent manner.

Steinberg this is a needed feature for Cubase.

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I tried your work around today to have count on playback and it works.


Hi There
there is a feature in cubase that lets you do this
its in the metronome setup.
1- in the TRANSPORT pulldown menu look for "metronome setup "
2- when the metronome setup menu box opens you will see a number of options
check the box that says “click during count in”
3- tell it how many bars/mesures you want (i use two)

For recording, this feature does work when you have an audio or MIDI track armed and you select the red record button on the transport bar.

For playback, it does not work when an MIDI or audio track is not armed and you select the play button on the transport bar.

Try it out and let us know your results.