Count-in for playback

Hello, trying to get a metronome count-in while playing back. I’ve seen this called “rehearsal count-in”

only able to get it while recording at the moment.


This topic seems to be coming up a lot lately, I just posted this advice on another thread.

Don’t use the count-in function. It’s useless unless for some reason you need to begin recording at bar one beat one.

Set the “pre-role” value for whatever you need and activate it.
Hit record or play and it will start playing in advance of the cursor (or left locator) by that value.

You can enable Click Track on Playback in the Metronome Setup under Transport Controls menu item. Otherwise you could record the click track and only use the first so many beats and paste this audio before the start of your project,.

Good luck.

how would I best record the click track?