count in


There is a count in for recording. But what about playback. I would have a count in for two bars, like 1-2, 1-2-3-4

No, at the moment there’s no count-in for playback, but it’s something we may implement in the future.

Beside using Dorico for sketching music, I like to play along the scores in Dorico (mostly daily work out routine). It would be nice to have the option to start the playback from a selected note with count in.


It would be a nice feature to have. It would be great for direct playback and it would be time saving, if one could auto generate a count in for MP3 or WAV export to - especially for educational and teaching purposes.


Now that Dorico is also a wonderful app on the iPad, it’s a perfect tool to play along the song I have the notes for. So please, Dorico, let us have the count-in for playback option to start from the begin or from a selected note. Thanks in advance!

In Dorico Pro one could create a separate flow to produce whatever countdown one wished and (in Pro) could set the “gap between flows” to zero to let it lead smoothly into the musical content. The count-off flow could be eliminated from the written music and used only for playback.

In other versions, one could simply create an extra measure to play the count-off. Certainly for remote performances, I would think one would want the musicians to see the count-off so everyone knew where the music starts.

This is not an argument against having Dorico add such a feature in the future, but a count-off can be wrangled already.

Thank you very much, Derrek.
I will try your idea of a separate flow for the count-in, as long as Dorico doesn’t do a feature for that.
Great help, thanks!