Counterpart Layout missing from manual?

When using the Key Command “Print Summary”, I came across the shortcut “W”, which is assigned to “Counterpart Layout”. I couldn’t find any reference to it in the manual but it’s since become my new favourite shortcut, bouncing back and forth between part and full score.

Perhaps it needs some love and attention in the manual… @Lillie_Harris

See here.

Thanks Lillie.

I see that but the shortcut is called “Counterpart Layout” and searching for that term in the manual gives no hit. It’s the match on text that I would have expected to find. To discover what it did, I had to experiment.

It’s on the first page of results already but I have also already made a note to check the keywords on that page.

I tend to name key commands specifically only when there isn’t a default key command set for them, so that people know what to look for if they do want to create a key command for that option.

I appreciate your speedy replies!

I notice from your link that, in each case, the word “counterpart” is missing from the results so you haven’t really found it :wink:

Also, I often have to work offline (eg in a rehearsal venue). So, I’ve downloaded the manual, which sits on my desktop. No reference to “Counterpart” in that either.

It’s not a big thing and I thought I’d just bring it to your attention…