Counterpart layout should respect Galley View when switching?

If I am working on a score or a part in Galley View and use the (very useful) counterpart layout (W) command, Dorico switches to Page View. It would be more useful if Dorico could respect whichever view I was using most recently. Maybe I’m misunderstanding how the command works, but I don’t see a reason for the score/part needing to be in Page View.

When you switch back and forth in the same tab, Dorico is actually recreating the view rather than switching to an existing one, and so it follows the preference for the default view type for a new view. You can set that to ‘Galley view’ in Preferences if that’s actually what you prefer.

Thanks for the explanation, and I’ve been working with this in mind, but after a month it still doesn’t feel very user-friendly — I don’t want to use Galley view by default, I just want to use it when I’m already using it… Jerking me into Page view when I’m editing in Galley just adds another keystroke to change back, or adds an extra second to get my bearings on the page—these add up. “W” is already slower than I’d like it to be (there’s a noticeable interface delay every time I use it), so adding this in is really annoying.

I’m also finding that some of the time when I press “W,” adjust a property, and press “W” again, the view Dorico creates (as you put it) is the beginning of the score. I can’t figure out why this happens, but it’s more than 25% of the time in the current score I’m working on. Am I the only one?

I also would like it to switch to the view I’m using. I’ve only used galley for instrument switches or other workarounds using extra staves; these are exactly the situations where I’m most likely to switch between parts and score. Other than that I work in page mode.

Also in the category of “I wish it did things differently” — selecting a rest and pressing W does nothing. I imagine this is because rests “don’t exist” in Dorico’s internal brain, but… if I can click on it, and it is definitely on a staff, I should be able to press W and get to the part.

I certainly agree about the rest business, and I hope we will be able to improve this in the future.