Country "Saudi Arabia" is not listed in billing address

Hi Everyone,

I am facing a great difficulty. I want to avail the offer by Steinberg to upgrade from Cubase 9.5 LE to the high end version. Cubase Pro 12 since there is an offer going on of 40% off. Unfortunately while proceeding for the payment when it comes for Billing address, Saudi Arabia is not listed so proceed further. What can I do in this regard?

Appreciate your kind support before the offer ends.


Hi there,
if you don’t need the bill for tax declarations, then I’d choose a billing address of a friend outside of SA if you have one there. Since there will be no shipping, this shouldn’t be an issue.

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اختار اي عنوان لاي احد خارج المملكه هذا حالي من سنين
ونورت المنتدى

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