coupla features I'd love to see/use...


I’ve been working with video apps like Sony Vegas a lot recently, and there’s that one feature I love:

for those who don’t know it - say you delete an event on a certain spot of the timeline / arrange page, all the events at the right from the deleted events jump to the left, filling the space of the deleted event as if it had never been there.
You can choose if this affects the track only or the whole timeline. It’s brilliant, as you never have to select and readjust everything when you delete a section of a tune.
They also have the horizontal zoom linked to the mousewheel by default, which I also come to find extremely practical.
Another one: I often miss select all right / left of cursor. That would come in real handy in case you have a large project and want to manually move a whole bunch of events inside a track ,to make room for another event for example, without having to zoom out completely in order to manually select all the events you need to displace.

Then one that’s really bugging me : I’d love to have "click to locate in empty space" also inside the editors! When doing fiddly work like cleaning up minute parts and breath noises on a vocal track for example, I constantly need to point the mouse into the tiny blue space above the editor window to locate the cursor. It would be so much less hassle and fiddly if I could just click right in the empty space without having to aim so precisely every time.

I guess that’s about it…for now :mrgreen:


The ripple edit function makes sense for visual media editing… I question its usefulness for music editing? Cubase does have the “delete time” function which can do this globally. However, Wavelab DOES have the feature, which makes sense, given the type of work WL is intended for

Hi twilight
I find it usefull especially on single tracks, which the delete time function cannot do. also it’s acouple more steps to take. here, you select the event, delete it and done. i recently did a lot of vocal editing and speech for example, where single words were doubled or repeated in sequence for different pronounciation , delete one word of 2 or 3 with ripple, and you don’t have to move all the following events to close the gap -which can be quite a pain, unless at least you have the " select all right of cursor" option I also suggested.

That’s exactly the type of editing that Wavelab was designed for, BB, and that’s why I don’t think you’ll ever see it in Cubase – it would render Wavelab irrelevant, at least as far as editing voice-overs and dialogue, etc

In fairness Vegas evolved from Sound Forge, so the detailed file editing functionality would be a strong feature. Agree with twilightsong - that would be the realm of Wavelab. :slight_smile:

Some good points there. Ripple edit sounds pretty much like Pro Tools Slip mode, which I have found to be invaluable for certain music editing tasks. Delete time is nice but sometimes you only want to edit individual tracks.

+1 for the others


yes! Delete time, a classic example of a Cubase feature which has not been thought through to the end. Like the second tracklist where you can move folder and tracks, but not tracks located in folders.
Ripple edit would be much better on single and multiple tracks. Imagine being able to turn on ripple edit globally. Need to shorten a musical ramp in a film score track? Just do it from within a midi event containing the right notes, and the whole arrangement is trimmed with one keystroke. Now that would be convenient.

Yes for film scoring I also had some situations where it would have been very convenient to quickly adjust the whole arrangement to a newly reedited film version for example. Most video editors have it btw. The very fact that you can apply it to 1 or more tracks only as opposed to the whole arrangement is very handy.

I really don’t quite see why implementing the ripple edit for example would make WaveLab downright obsolete - ripple edit is hardly what justifies all of WL’s existence?

This is CTRL-scroll in Cubase, which I prefer, YMMV.

There are a series of “Select” key commands to do this. You have to map them yourself. The two you mention here would be “Select from Start to Cursor” and “Select from Cursor to End”.

There are more like “Select all Events beyond Cursor” that offer some optional behaviors during the selection process.

Very nice - yes indeed would be useful additional feature.

Holding CTRL+mousewheel isn’t too much of a pain for me, in achieving this. Don’t know if the default could be changed to how you would like; have a look in KeyCommands - it might be there.

More good ideas…!


Thanks JMCecil. I wasn’t aware of those. Will check them out asap. :sunglasses:

Long time Vegas user here and yes, ripple editing is potentially handy for any kind of non-linear digital editing. Vegas’s implementation of it is really well done, it can ripple (your option)…

  • Affected tracks
    Affected Tracks, Bus Tracks (automation?), Markers and Regions
    All Tracks, Bus Tracks, Markers and Regions

Handy. It ripples both ways actually so if you paste in a section it moves everything else right. If you delete a section it closes the gap. If you size events it keeps the relative positions. If you move one event everything else moves.

FYI, there is “Delete Time” which, although not identical, is very close to Ripple Edit. In the context of Musical Recording I find that delete time works the way I want.

EDIT: Same thing with insert time. You can even insert time with a given key sig + tempo using the various ruler/tempo/sig or region tracks.

Yeah, it’s not a contest between features or a knock on Cubase or the other hosts that don’t ripple. Ripple editing works better than any of that in some easily demonstrable ways… in it’s proper context. So it’s (the FR) just a matter of asking for a contextually better method, that’s all.

I’d like to have it in any host I work in and frankly, quite a few don’t have it.

Anyway, play with the Vegas demo and you’ll get it. Insert Time and Delete Time is not really even close to Vegas’s ripple in some obvious ways.

Actually I have to turn it off in Reaper. I like the way it works in Cubase better.

Uh… ok.

Have you even tried to figure out how to use Delete Time? You might be surprised.

Delete Time is global is it not? That being the major difference. You cant slip edit individual tracks, which is the real advantage of such a feature *unless Im missing something).


No, it can be track specific.

However, I like it to be global. I’ve never seen the value in editing a single track and moving the stuff to right to the left. Makes no sense to me. Must be a dance music thing.