Couple more problems (as if you don't have enough)

Couple of things I have found

  1. In play mode the piano scroll does not expand or adjust in anyway. Once a note goes up away from mid C they are out of site?
  2. The notes on a drum score do not adjust up & down when the Alt and up/down arrows are used
  3. The force stems up/down does not always work? It tends to work on the first note of a bar but no others.

Is it possible to hear the notes as they are inputed?

Is there any chance of making the Alt key for the up/down arrows an option, it’s a pain in the ass having to select it all the time, and I can’t buy the reason for it is so I don’t press it accidentally I never did in the other prog…

Re piano roll, you can grab either the keyboard or the ruler and drag it to scroll. Hold down shift to zoom. We hope to improve this soon. We’re working on getting notes to sound as you input them - that will be in the next update

Drag the lines on the left (see attachment).

very helpful.



Thanks for advice on the Piano roll

Is there any way I can hear the notes as I enter them in, and also hear them when I click on them?

We are working on that right now, and it will be implemented in the first post-release update in a few weeks.

In fact I got it working about 3 hours ago :slight_smile:

How about a ‘time-line’ in the play back page as it’s very difficult to see were I am without this scrolling from left to right.

While it’s excellent news the Paul managed to implement the playback of notes as you input them so quickly, I must temper the excitement by saying that it still needs to be tested in amongst our other fixes and enhancements that are in progress, so you might have to wait a little longer to have Paul’s good work land on your computers!

Yes, a playhead in play mode and a following the playback line in the score are very high on the todo list. No doubt you’ll have seen us say the same thing in many threads already.

Suggestion: why not put a sticky at the top of this forum and answer these pesky repetitious questions? I hate for you guys to have to spend so much time repeating and repeating and repeating.

Thanks for all the hard work!