Couple of BSODs in the last couple of days, posting diagnostics

Title says it all, just posting the diagnostics for the team to have a look at.



Dorico (1.0 MB)

It’s good to say what platform you use. Is it Windows 11? BSOD’s are usually OS problems, not Dorico. Do you have this issue, just recently seen?

Hi @Andro , from the diagnostics we can easily see what platform it is.

Hi @Toaster1974, thanks for the data, but it does not contain any crash dump of Dorico or the audio engine. Dorico keeps the logs of the last 5 days or so, and in there I can find some incomplete log files, so that means Dorico did not shut down as expected.
As Andro already pointed out, BSODs usually mean a problem in the operating system. I think I’ve never heard about a BSOD cause by Dorico. What does the blue screen say when you encounter one?

Hi Ulf,

I didn’t make a note of what the BSOD said, but if it does it again, I’ll try and make a note.

Thanks for the reply @Andro but I’m on Win 10 still.