Couple of issues need resolving.

I’m back again!
Couple of things I need help with.

Firstly, how do I change the Latency in LE5 so that there’s no delay between me pressing the keys on my midi keyboard and the sound being recorded?

And 2. In C:/Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase 5 LE there’s a folder called ‘vst3 presets’
In this folder are loads of HALion Presets- such as Roomworks SE and various others which don’t show up on my inserts and I can’t use. I think the issue is a) that they’re in the wrong folder, and b) that they’re .vstpreset files, whereas all the working effects are in a folder simply called ‘vst3’ and are .dll files. Does anyone know how I can convert the .vstpreset files to .dll files so I can use them?

Thanks all.

  1. Make sure you’re using the ASIO driver for your device and not the stock Cubase ones like Full Duplex. You set the latency on your soundcard’s control panel.

  2. You’ve got a large misunderstanding, .dlls are the plugs themselves. Vst presets are the presets for the individual plugs. 3rd party plugs go in a seperate folder anywhere that you point to via Plug In Info.


to your second point
This vst3 thing is really difficult. Better don’t touch :exclamation:
Presets or .vstpreset has nothing to do with the plugin itself. It’s just the presets within the already installed plugins. But no copy/past functionality AFAIK.
The .dll extension is always related to the vst 2 plugins. Easy to handle, but not able to save CPU power if not used, as the vst3 plugins do.

Never touch any vst3 installation. I made it and was immediatelly lost in the desert.