Couple of issues

I have a few stuff I didn’t find how to do:

  1. How can I write immediate dynamics in the middle of gradual dynamics without collision (Sibelius, for instance, makes a gap before and after the immediate dynamics)? for example, writing a hairpin crescendo of two bars and a P in the down bit of the second bar.

  2. Is there a way to change the font of a specific tempo instruction? for example, I wanted to write a stretto and wrote it under tempo for the playback to increase the tempo but I wanted it to appear in italics.

  3. Is there a way to write a playing technique for multiple instruments simultaneously? for example, a down bow to all the string section.

Thanks in advanced,

  1. Invoke the popover for dynamics with Shift-d, then type <p< in the popover. If you have Dorico Pro, goto Engrave Mode and in Properties Panel you can select “Hairpin as Continuation” (or something like that, in German it’s “Gabel als Fortsetzung”).


  1. I would do this with Shift-X text.


  1. Your best bet is to add one, then assign a key command to Duplicate to Staff Below. I think that’s fastest, and I use it all the time.

You could go into put input, extend the caret down using Shift-down, and add PT that way. I don’t prefer that.

  1. Or you can add one Playing Technique and then Alt-click the other notes you want to have the same.


  1. Great, thank you, Thomas.
  2. The problem is that I want the playback tempo to change, that’s why I didn’t use the Shift X, I hope there is a different solution.
  3. Thanks dankreider. I still wonder why you can’t just shift select the staves you like and input the PT
  1. I don’t know. But be honest, Duplicate to Staff Below is just as fast as making a multi-selection first!

Yeah, you right, and I’m going to use this method for sure. I meant that shift select is a more intuitive way.

You can input a tempo change and hide it in Properties Panel. Then you can input the text with SHIFT-X.
So you have tempo for playback and SHIFT-X text for displaying.


I assumed this is the solution. but I thought maybe there is something more immediate.

Thanks, anyways.