Couple of items on condensing changes.

I have 4 oboes, that when I condense, in the full score it shows as Ob 1,2 and Ob 3,4. I have a layout with just woodwinds. On that layout it shows Ob 1,2,3,4. I can’t seem to make the full score do all oboes on one stave. The oboes play for 8 bars with no notes before or after.

I have a modified condensed score where I need to do some edits in the music. I uncondense to make the editing faster. When I condense again, will the modifications I made still be there? (Other than in the edited areas.)

It’s always easier to diagnose these kinds of problems if we can get a look at the project itself, but the discrepancy could be due to any of the following reasons, and more besides:

– you created custom condensing groups of two pairs of oboes for the layout in which the oboes condense as pairs
– you have manual condensing changes in either or both of the layouts that produce different results
– the casting off is different between the two layouts, so the maximum possible condensing is different for different passages

If you can’t figure it out, please zip up and attach the project and we should be able to sort it out.

As for edits you make surviving being uncondensed, yes, you should find that any edits you make to the condensed music are preserved when you uncondense and recondense the music, provided the condensation result is the same as it was before.

Don’t forget another approach is to make edits in galley view, or in an entirely different uncondensed full score layout.